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The Must-Have App For All Parents! Hint: You’re Missing Out If You Don’t Have It

As a parent, we know you’ve purchased your fair share of diapers!  A few years ago, Pampers created their Pampers Rewards program to reward you for every dirty diaper changed. Are you taking advantage of this, yet? You MUST! Especially since they have made it so easy to scan the in pack codes with a brand new APP  making the Rewards program a breeze. Can I make a confession? I didn’t use…

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A Quick Update From Spain

We are having the most glorious time in Spain. If you haven’t seen the photos I’ve uploaded on Instagram, head on over whenever you can. I’ve been trying to post at least a few snaps a day. I have so much to say about this trip, but I cannot do it all while I am here. I am in between the beach and dinner at the moment and I just…

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Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

I am an only child. So, having three kids is a bit of a test for me. I’m being honest! My childhood was… quiet. It was simple. It was just me and my mom. We would watch TV on the sofa together. We would knit blankets. We would read or try to do the crossword puzzle. Ok, she would do the crossword puzzle and I would read Archie comics. But,…

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Greek Lemon Potatoes Recipe: How To

Greek Lemon Potatoes Recipe I just went to my friend’s house for dinner and she made the BEST Greek Lemon Potatoes and so I asked her for the recipe as we were eating them! I mean, how could I NOT?! They were moist and crisp and packed with flavor. If you want to make Greek Lemon Potatoes for your upcoming dinner, use the recipe below and ENJOY! Ingredients: 1 pound…

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eBay And Amazon FBA Are Truly Paying Off: My Results

I’m starting to see some real traction in my eBay store and with Amazon FBA. There hasn’t been a ton of time for me to actually go back out and purchase more inventory. Truly, I’ve been listing everything in my house and going through what I’ve found via thrifting efforts I made over the last few weeks. I’m on a spending freeze at the moment until I list every single…

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Never Be Afraid To Fail: Always Wants Us To Talk To Our Daughters #LikeAGirl

Do you feel like your daughter is avoiding trying new things because she’s afraid to fail? Does she, like 50% of girls at puberty*, feel paralyzed by a fear of failure? Well, welcome to the club. In today’s day and age, girls are being judged 24 hours a day. And I don’t mean that in an abstract sort of way. I mean that quite literally. Girls – thanks to the…

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