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Need Something To Do On A Rainy Day? Have A Picnic

I know all about those days – you know – the ones where time stands still. When it’s raining, an afternoon can feel like a lifetime. If you aren’t a fan of the electronic babysitter, here is a great alternative to plopping your children in front of the television for 8 hours.

Have an indoor picnic!

Here’s the trick. Involve your children in every step of the process. Don’t just invite them to sit down once the tablecloth is thrown on the floor. Have older children get invloved from the start.

Need things for the kids to do? Here are a few ideas:

* Wash fruit and place them in ziploc bags
* Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
* Grab juice boxes
* Fold napkins and find the perfect sheet to sit on
* Pick some treats / snacks and then have them place enough for each person in Tupperware
* Grab utensils and paper goods

You don’t have to cook a full meal either, something easy and low maintenance will do.

When all the “hard labor” is done, have the children get dressed like they are heading to a party. Pick out nice clothing and hair accessories. If you have a daughter, do her hair. If your daughter is anything like mine, that’s 15 minutes right there! LOL!

You are now ready for your picnic! Before you know it, a few hours will have passed and you will a variety of new memories to share with the grandparents.

One more tip: Don’t forget your camera. They age so quickly as it is. Why not snap a few shots while everyone is working as a team.

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