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Wholefoods Launches The School Lunch Revolution

Do highly processed chicken nuggets sound like something you want your child eating every day? Yeah, me neither. My children are not of school age yet, so I haven’t really given much thought to what’s happening in our school systems around the country as of yet.

Thankfully, Wholefoods is hoping to change that. The supermarket chain has launched the School Lunch Revolution initiative and I couldn’t be happier. It’s their way of raising awareness to an issue that is plaguing our youths. At least 30% of our children are obese.

Let that sink in.

How can you help? Make a donation to their cause. They are hoping to raise $400,000.

And if your school is ready to make that change, direct them to The Lunch Box, a site that is partnering with Wholefoods to better equip kitchen staff with healthier meal alternatives. The recipes online adjust depending on how many students you are serving. What a neat tool!

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