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Moms’ Money Saving Tips


Parenting Magazine came out with 22 great money saving tips for moms! Who couldn’t use a little help tightening their budget!? They interviewed moms from around the country and these were the best tips they heard:

1. “Save money on electricity by turning off lights and saving up laundry for big loads instead of multiple smaller ones. If you pay for water, it will help in that department as well.”
2. “I called my cell phone company and asked them for a list of all of the features I was paying for. I found out I was paying for stuff I didn’t even use, so we cut back our phone bill by $20 a month.”
3. “I spend a little more on some things that I can make last longer, like juice. I buy V8 Fusion but put only a little in the sippy cup and cut the rest with water. My daughter doesn’t notice!”
4. “My husband and I do our big shopping trip at the beginning of the month. We get all of the pantry staples, non-perishables, and frozen items for the month, including meats that we freeze. Then, I only go back to the grocery store maybe once a week if we need fresh produce or milk. Getting most of the grocery bill out of the way early really helps our monthly budget.”
5. “I am a huge rummage sale junkie. I buy most of my kids’ clothes at them. I even stock up for the next season. You can find great things very cheap and some of them look brand new. Just make sure that you wash and disinfect them. You can buy toys, gear, clothes, and shoes!

Want to read the rest? Click here to check the entire list out.

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