Eat And Drink

Anyone In The Mood For Some Slime Punch?



* Large bowl
* Half-gallon (2 liters) of lime sherbet
* One quart (one liter) each of ginger ale and lemon-lime soda
* One quart (one liter) of sugar-free lemonade (made from powdered mix and dyed green with food coloring)
* Two surgical gloves, washed first in warm, soapy water, rinsed, and turned inside out
* String or rubber band


Fill the gloves with the green-colored, sugar-free lemonade and tie them securely at the wrists with string or a rubber band. Freeze until solid.

In the bowl, mix the sherbet, ginger ale, and soda.

With scissors, cut the gloves from the frozen hands. Discard the gloves and float the icy hands in the punch.

YUMMY! Want more snack tips for Halloween?


Thanks to National Geographic.

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