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Taking The Stress Out Of Making Lunch For Your Kids


When I was a child, my mother made me a ham and cheese sandwich with mayo for 9 years straight. Think I’m kidding? Think again. I literally ate the same thing from K-8. She never had to worry about variety.

If you are someone who likes to change it up a bit – eDiets just offered up some great tips.  Just think outside the box!

1. Think Rainbows: Color increases food consumption.
2. Love Those Shapes: Use cookie cutters and kitchen tools to cut up sandwiches.
3. Variety: It’s the spice of life. The more variety, the better.
4. Cut Food up: Kids love bite-size pieces!
5. Remember Food Groups: The rule of thumb is to pick a food from each food group (veggie, fruit, grain, protein, dairy)
6. Get Them Involved: Let them do some of the packing! Trust me. If they don’t like the food, they won’t pack it!
7. Portion It Out: Keep serving sizes in check; individual servings work great.
8. Sneak a Treat: They will love you for it. A bite-size treat can do the trick!


Need some concrete examples:
– Whole fruit or fruit cups in natural juice
– Cutup carrots or veggies with a side of dressing
– Peanut butter with apples or raisins
– Cheese stick or cutup cheese slices
– Yogurt cups or on-the-go types
– Sandwiches on whole grain bread, tortillas (wrap-ups) or pita pockets
– Whole-grain bagels, waffles, or pancakes
– Deli roll-ups with low fat cheese
– Dried cereal/fruit mix
– Leftover meals from the night before
– Water

Did I mention I don’t eat ham anymore? Not sure if you figured that out or not.

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