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So, your baby is beginning to walk and you want him/her to have shoes that are comfortable and will support each and every step they begin to take while learning.  Stride Rite the children’s footwear designer that has captivated the homes of many families for 85 years has developed a unique footwear that utilizes technology.

The SRT (Sensory Response Technology) was developed to promote a healthy lifelong walking pattern and improve the baby’s ability to respond to their environment.  The SRT has three features that will aide in perception of walking for your child.

  1. Greater feel of terrain: This allows a baby to stabilize their gait and better respond to their environment.
  2. More natural support: Unique “hourglass” construction and smooth, rounded transition from outsole to upper prevents catching an edge, reducing the number of stumbles and falls.
  3. Freedom of movement: An ultra-flexible design allows the foot to move in many directions to help the baby learn how to adapt to uneven surfaces.

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The shoes come in baby sizes 3 to 8 in various widths, and fashionable features like suede fringe, metallic leathers and bright pops of color.  Another keen feature that parents should love is the removable insole containing a Fit Check system that easily let’s you know when it’s time to see a fit specialist for a new pair of shoes.   For $50 it’s worth taking a look at how technology can aide in the development of your child’s walk.

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