A-Z Animal Flashcard Set



I usually don’t take pictures of products I review, but in the case of these A-Z Animal Flashcards – I JUST HAD TO. I couldn’t get over how huge they were. The quality of the cardstock is THICK (AS THEIVES sorry – I’m a Real Housewives of NJ watcher and every time I say Thick – Caroline comes to mind).

From Anteaters to Zebras, each letter of the alphabet is paired with a detail of the animal along with the upper and lowercase letters. The backs of the cards show a silhouette of the full animal and an interesting fact about its unique feature. For example, did you know, rabbits can see behind them without even turning their heads?



I did not know that! I already sat down with my 2 year old son and he’s enjoying the set just as much as I am.

Check out Bob’s Your Uncle for more.

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