My writer over on INO just told me about this great sale site specifically targeting children. Kids.Woot offers up one MEGA deal a day for its loyal readers to purchase.

Kids.Woot sells stuff for kids. By “stuff” we mean everything from carseats to apparel to educational toys & games to non-educational toys & games – all the accoutrements that make your little bundle of joy so damn expensive. By “kids” we mean anybody from 0 to 99, obviously skewed toward the lower end. If you’re 100 or older, beat it. We don’t want your business.


For instance, today they were selling this butterfly net for $4.99 (it’s already sold out – you have to be in it to win it so they say). Time is of the essence, so if you are into bargains – get up nice and early and give Kids.Woot a try.

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