Bugaboo and Kelly Rutherford were on hand to celebrate the official in-store launch of (BUGABOO) RED
at the sixth annual Biggest Baby Shower, hosted by Big City Moms and Cookie magazine on Tuesday, October 6th. Over 400 expectant moms from New York City gathered at the American Girl Place to hear Rutherford speak about her passion and support of the BUGABOO (PRODUCT)RED™ partnership, juggling two kids under the age of three, and life on and off screen. Bugaboo Americas’ President, Kari Boiler attended the event to give words of encouragement to the moms-to-be and speak about the (BUGABOO) RED partnership, highlighting the motto:” Go and Good Things Will Happen”.


Kelly Rutherford has long been an avid supporter of the modern mobility company:

“Bugaboo has been a great asset in my life and helped me travel around with Hermes and Helena. And I am proud that a product I use is helping such a wonderful cause, (RED). We are so privileged and it’s wonderful when you can feel good about a product you use in your everyday life. Knowing 1% of the all revenue from Bugaboo goes to helping Women and Children is wonderful.”

For more information about Bugaboo Red, click here.

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