One of the most beloved stories of all time is coming to life on the national stage for the very first time with The 101 Dalmatians Musical. Based on the best-selling book by Dodie Smith, the musical production transports the entire family into an one-of-a-kind adventure about what it means to be a family, canine and courageous. The major market tour kicks off tomorrow in Minneapolis and will travel across the country through 2010.

The show features fifteen real Dalmatians (in addition to human actors) who were rescued from animal shelters across the country and given a new lease on life, making this a truly inspiring rags to riches story. These rescued dogs are now being trained by Joel Slaven, the world’s foremost animal trainer who has worked on movies such as “Ace Ventura Pet Detective.” The dogs will also be traveling like rock stars in a tour bus dubbed the “rolling doggie palace” which was actually once the Jonas Brothers tour bus.

To find out more information about when the musical will reach a town near you, click here.

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