HalloweenMart has announced this season’s most popular costumes for children. Whether you like to stay on top of the latest fads or steer clear of what’s popular – this list is for you!

Top Five Children’s Halloween Costume Trends for ’09:

1. Vampires: The Twilight saga has teens screaming over the popular “Rockin Vampire Costume” this season, priced at $34.99.


2. Superheroes: Box office hits like 2009’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Wolverine have made superhero costumes a Halloween must-have. Children can transform into the heroic Bumblebee character with the “Deluxe Bumblebee Transformers 2 Costume, $44.99, or unleash their inner mutant powers with the child’s
Wolverine Costume,” $24.99.
3. TV Idols: The popular TV show Hannah Montana has turned this costume into a rising superstar. Get the best of both worlds with the “Hannah Montana Gold Costume,” $39.99.


4. Wonderland Wonders: The upcoming re-release of Alice and Wonderland has  moved these whimsical costumes to the top of the list. Adventure through the looking glass in the classic “Fairytale Alice costume,” $39.99 or rule in the suit of love with the “Queen of Hearts Costume,” $99.99.

5. Little Top Chef: The popular television show Top Chef has paved the way for a generation of chefs-in-the-making with this year’s “Chef in Training Costume,” $19.99.

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