What a GREAT THING TO DO!!! Rachael Ray just made NYC public schools a whole lot healthier! I’m not talking about celery and carrots either. I’m talking about Southwest roasted chicken, sizzling soft tacos and Southwest Yum-o! ranch sauce. Is anyone else hungry?

As many as 600,000 kids will benefit from Rachael’s new input and I am sure she is about to get a ton of fan mail from the group.

The city schools’ food program is already considered one of the nation’s healthiest, but organizers hope the jazzed-up dishes will teach kids that tasty and healthy can go hand in hand.

Ray, who will launch the program Monday at PS 89/IS 289 in Manhattan, hopes to deliver new recipes to the school system every month or two.

The recipes, tweaked for cooking for four rather than for the masses, will then be posted on her Web site for parents willing to try this at home.

Yum-O is right!

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