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Green Eggs And Ham


Looking for a fun way to get your kids to try new foods? Have a look at an email I received this morning from a reader named Jen.

This morning we decided to teach Joey that you have to try new foods before you can draw the conclusion that you don’t like them.  So at 7:15 am we made green eggs and ham.  I cracked the eggs & added the milk, joey mixed, and Anthony squeezed the food coloring.  We then enjoyed a very delicious and very colorful breakfast while reading the book.

I’m happy to report – that although Joey did not eat his green eggs – he kept them on his dish (without flipping his plate – that’s a big one folks) and he proceeded to eat the remainder of his breakfast.  Yeah!

Needless to say, his brother Anthony gladly had three servings.  Hope you like the pics!

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  1. Too cute Vera. I always wanted to do that but never got around to it. It really is a beautiful shade of green!

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