Thanksgiving Napkin Ring



* 1 12 x 18 Cocoa EZ Felt Sheet
* 1 12 x 18 Red EZ Felt Sheet
* 1 12 x 18 Yellow EZ Felt Sheet
* 2 3/8″ Diameter Google Eyes
* Fabric Glue
* Scissors
* Turkey Napkin Ring Template
* Paper Clips (optional)

Turkey Pattern


1. Using your template pieces, cut out the according pieces on the below colors of EZ Felt:
Brown: Napkin Ring
Red: Feathers and Wattle
Yellow: Turkey Head/Neck

2. Fold the Brown Napkin Ring into a circle with ~3/4″ overlap. Glue into place.
TIP: We use paperclips to keep our crafts in place while drying!

3. While the napkin ring is setting, let’s create our Turkey’s face. Layout desired location for the google eyes and wattle. Glue into place. Let dry.

4. Glue the feathers to the back of your napkin ring.

5. Glue your turkey’s face to the front of your napkin ring.

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