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Snacks To Pack When You Are On The Go


According to Hungry Girl, these snacks are the ones we should be putting in our bags when we hit the road:


  • Fresh fruit salad: Fruit salad is one of my favorite snacks. Cut up some melon, toss in berries and you’re good to go!
  • Fresh-cut veggies: Carrots, celery and jicama are great munchies
  • Turkey breast slices: They’re filling, satisfying and packed with protein.
  • Hard-boiled egg whites: These are great any time of day; they’re under 100 calories and high in protein.
  • Low-fat string cheese: Satisfying, tasty, and fun to eat


  • Soy chips: Crunchy and delicious low-calorie snacks&151they come in a slew of great flavors
  • Apples and bananas: These fruits are easy to eat and don’t require refrigeration.
  • 100-calorie pouches: With dozens of flavors of cookies, crackers, chips and other snacks, these are great portion-controlled ways to satisfy your need for a snack on the road. Just be careful to stick with one pack.
  • Freeze-dried fruit: It’s light, airy, crunchy&151and low in calories, too. My favorite freeze dried fruit is made by Crispy Green (

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