RedPlum’s Cheap And Chic Gift Guide just came out and highlights great finds under $30! Here are a few of their selections:

$30 Gifts Our Editors Adore


personalized pads
WHY WE LIKE IT: For brides-to-be we adore the “future Mrs.” pad as a fun holiday gift she’ll love for notes to the caterer and such.
HOW TO USE IT: Choose from a broad selection of stylish pad designs catering to life stages (engagement, pregnancy, etc.) or simply chic tastes.


hip baby outfits
WHY WE LIKE IT: Finally a gift for your co-worker who just became a dad or grandpa! Every other new-parent or new-grandparent present seems geared toward the ladies. (Though we also love the “My Mom is Fly” version.)
HOW TO USE IT: Wear while chillin’ in your crib.

LULU BOOKS – $5 and up
mini albums
WHY WE LIKE IT: A perfect way to share family photos or even a miniature cookbook!
HOW TO USE IT: Upload photos, lay out book, then receive in the mail.


WHY WE LIKE IT: The perfect hostess gift or keep-it-on-hand-for-whomever-I-forgot present.
HOW TO USE IT: Write in them. (Remember mail?)

cleat covers
WHY WE LIKE IT: No more toting extra shoes to soccer practice—or getting mud inside the car!
HOW TO USE IT: Slide over cleats to prolong wear of shoes and keep surfaces safe from damage. Can be washed and come in adult and kids’ sizes.

personalized bottle
WHY WE LIKE IT: Making water bottles personal might make kids and adults more likely to tote ‘em—and drink more water!
HOW TO USE IT: Choose from a variety of graphics online, then add a name or initials.


Mini digital photos
WHY WE LIKE IT: An affordable digital photo album that clips on your keychain? Grandparent holiday shopping: done!
HOW TO USE IT: Load the included software, then add up to 124 photos. Rechargeable battery.


Looking for safety tips to get through this holiday season? RedPlum has four great ones to get you started:

1. Look for the Padlock: SSL, or secure sockets layer, is a term you might not have heard of, but you probably have seen that little padlock in your Web browser near the address bar or in the bottom right corner. It indicates your
information is protected; do not press the submit button if there is no padlock visible

2. Don’t Order on Live Chat: We love a live chat window; it makes online shopping faster and more convenient when we can fire off questions to a customer service representative in real time, rather than hunting through a site’s FAQs for answers. But these agents are there to answer questions, not accept orders. Never transmit your credit card number or other personal details over chat.

3. Try Onetime Credit Cards:
The holidays often find us turning to stores we haven’t shopped at before in order to source that special item on a friend’s wish list. New shopping haunts are splendid, but buying online from an unknown
purveyor gives some people the sweats. If you’re one of them, you’re not totally offbase. Data thieves have been known to set up stores as fronts to collect your personal info. If you want to be super-secure try a virtual credit card that expires after one use.

4. Create Complex Passwords:
You know your password’s not supposed to be your maiden name or your husband’s birth date. But did you know it should also use upper and lower case characters and numbers, where allowed. Practice proper password protocol by creating one that’s at least seven characters and can’t be found in the dictionary. Hacker programs can guess passwords easily; if you make them a real word, the process is even speedier. It’s true all this will make your secret code harder to remember, but it’s worth it to secure your identity. If you need help remembering use a password management program to secure them.

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