Tyra Banks Sends Three Princesses To Disney

Tyra & Tiana 2

Tyra Banks helps celebrate Disney’s newest Princess, Tiana from the upcoming movie, “The Princess and the Frog,” by surprising three very deserving girls and their mothers with a trip to the Walt Disney World Theme Park in Florida on Wednesday, November 25th’s “The Tyra Show.”

“These little girls, I had them on my talk show and I was on the stage with them and they were telling me how much they are obsessed with being a Princess and they just dream and live Princesses. Then there moms are sitting there and crying about how they cant even afford to go to the movies and how they want their daughter to see Princess Tiana, and I’m sitting there trying to hold in this huge surprise that I have for them while I’m tearing up with their stories. So to have them come here and not only to visit and meet princess Tiana in person, but then to come to Disney World and experience something so magical and so amazing, it touches me.”

“It’s so important for me to expand what beautiful is to young girls. I think its really important for young girls to see reflections of themselves, to see different images in society that are deemed beautiful…Princess Tiana is a beauty role model for young girls, I didn’t have that growing up. That I could have my child, my daughter, even my son, be able to see a Princess, and she’s a Disney Princess and she’s black, that’s an amazing role model!”

Tune into Wednesday, November 25th’s “The Tyra Show” to catch the surprise and watch the magic unfold as Tyra and the girls visit the Magic Kingdom to meet Princess Tiana in person.

“The Tyra Show” airs on The CW at 4:00 PM.

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