It’s O.K. to Play, 30 Days to a Ridiculously Wonderful Life,is an inspirational book on how to use the ‘technology’ of play to respond to the challenges of everyday life. The book hits home in its real life application, teaching people how to incorporate the principles of play into their personal and professional lives.
The book lays out 30 Days of Play in inviting, easy-to-read pages. The playing starts right away as readers are encouraged to take on a Game for the Day. What’s so incredible is that it merely takes a shift in consciousness to reframe how we see everyday activities.

For example:

  • Play a round of poker to decide who is doing the dishes that night.
  • See how much you and your kids can clean up in 1 minute intervals. Watch them get excited to play this short-lived, action packed “game”.
  • Time your kids or husband to see who can unload the dishwasher the fastest (and without breaking anything). Set family Olympic world records.

For more information about the book, visit www.30DaysofPlay.com.

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