We’ve all had that experience with our kids when they reach toddlerhood: you are talking to them as you have been doing since they were infants and suddenly, you realize that they comprehend you. They aren’t just speaking, they really understand! It spurs a comment to your spouse or friend, sometimes bittersweet: “my baby is growing up!”

I am going through that right now with my youngest son. It’s a bit surreal and I am glad that we are finally on “speaking terms” – but what happened to my little boy? 🙂

In a new series that will air on PBS on Wednesday, January 6 Alan Alda will speak with researchers that believe it’s not just that your child is growing up, he finally is a human. The Human Spark is a three-part series that explores the topic of what makes us human beings – how we are different from other animals, how our brains function, and, of interest to parents – the point at which the human “spark” happens in our brains and takes us on the path of human behavior.

So here’s the fun part: PBS has launched a “Share Your Spark” online program that will enable people to share their own “human spark” moments. This can be in the form of a video, a photo or an essay that captures what it is to be human. Perhaps it’s your child speaking on a video or a picture that is explained in a very funny way by your child. PBS will select submissions and include them as part of the series with Alda.

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