For the first time ever 4 people can play Connect 4 at the same time!


Connect 4 x 4 is the only checkers four-in-a-row, four-player game–making it perfect for family game nights. With the new double-sided grid, you can score on both the front and back side of the game. I love it when games get an update like this. According to Amazon.com,

Game play is simple–pick a line, drop a checker in on each turn, and hope that your opponents don’t foil your strategy before you get four checkers in a row! The game has also added “blockers,” which can be used to block your opponents on both sides of the grid in one turn. However, make sure to save your blockers for when you really need them–you only get two and they are valuable!

Perfect for ages 8 and up. Click here to purchase.

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