Expressiva Nursingwear - Teal Top



Expressiva Nursingwear - Fuschia top

Expressiva Nursingwear - DressExpressiva Nursingwear - I Make Milk top

Instead of wearing baggy tees and sweatshirts after baby is born, Expressiva Nursingwear offers moms stylish apparel for nursing discreetly and comfortably. There is something for everyone – choose from retro tees, cute sundresses, fashionable shirts and classic tops in super-soft organic cotton. Loungewear and sleepwear is available to keep mom as cozy as possible during those nighttime feedings! To round out the line, Expressiva offers bras to accomodate an ever-changing breast shape and swimwear that flatters moms’ post-baby body! Plus sizes are available. To purchase, visit

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