Carry-Her 1

Carry-Her Doll

Does your little girl absolutely adore the American Girl Doll® collection? Like most young girls who love taking their favorite doll with them wherever they go, most moms find at the end of a long day that they are the ones left carrying their daughter’s doll! With the Carry-Her®, a lightweight doll backpack that fits all 16″ – 18″ inch dolls, your child’s most cherished doll can be carried with ease the entire day, hands-free! To store, the Carry-Her® comes with a clever solution – a tiny, doll-sized Carry-Her® that fits on the doll’s back when not in use. The Carry-Her® can even be personalized with your daughter’s name or the doll’s name. $19.95 – $24.95. Found online at

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