Oxygen Poll Reveals Young Women Celebrate Valentine’s Day On Their Own Terms

V-Day Feels More Like D-Day:

* 38% W18-24 agree the only good thing about Valentine’s Day is the potential to receive large amounts of chocolate
* 39% W18-24 say Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday
* 1 in 5 W18-29 say they most want to spend Valentine’s Day ignoring it completely

Sex…It’s a Deal Breaker!

* 54% of W18-24 agree if the sex is bad, it’s a deal breaker with a guy
* 56% of W18-24 said they’d rather give up sex for a year over the Internet, with 44% saying it’s the Internet they would give up
* 29% W35-49 agree they’d rather have a guaranteed great sex partner for life than a husband, compared to a much lesser 19% of W18-24
* 21% of W35-49 would surf the Internet looking for a hook-up, compared to a much lesser 13% of W18-24

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover:

* 48% of W18-24 agree they would rather their partner be great at sex than physically attractive
* 63% W18-24 would rather have the best sex of their life than the best looking guy they’ve ever seen
* 32% of W25-29 agree they fantasize about hooking up with another girl

Love Is A Battlefield:

* About 1 in 4 W18-24 find dates through social networking sites, while only 9% find them through traditional dating sites.
* 52% of W18-24 find dates in random places like book stores and coffee shops
* 1 in 5 W18-24 have been dumped via text. 90% of them say this is “NOT OK” as a break up method
* 1 in 4 W18-24 say “Love is a Battlefield” is the song that best sums up their romantic life
* 1 in 5 W18-24 agree “Love Stinks” is their official dating motto

Can’t Tie a Young Woman Down:

* 1 in 5 W18-24 agree romance is overrated
* 1 in 5 W18-24 agree monogamy is unnatural, but 1 in 3 W18-24 would get married in Vegas on a whim
* 1 in 4 W18-24 agree if forced to choose between love and their career, their career would win

TYRA Knows Best:

* 35% of W18-24 would most want to get dating advice from Tyra Banks, while 34% chose Ellen DeGeneres (from a select list of popular talk show hosts)

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