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Proof That My Husband Actually Made Lunch Today


Up next – the Loch Ness Monster!! Ah – I’m just teasing. Bill helps around the house and really does lend a supporting hand with the kids. It’s just cooking ain’t his thing. 🙂

Ever since I came home from the Disney conference, I’ve been working double shifts on my websites. I am probably putting in 10 hours days at a minimum just trying to set everything up the way I want it to be and build an online presence for INO mommy. Getting a site known is the hardest part of building a brand. It’s not the actual writing or the PR reviews – it’s getting readers and retaining them. So that’s been my mission and I’m very serious about business ventures when I start them. This is my newest project – all my blood sweat and tears will go into building up INO Mommy as much as I can.

It is already paying off. Before the conference I was averaging around 1,200 pageviews a day and yesterday I hit 1,750!  Nothing like the 200,000 I receive over on I’m Not Obsessed – but this is a different market. I can’t expect those kind of numbers a day for a Mommy Blog. At least… I don’t think I can.

I just need to keep it up and hopefully more people will stick around. 🙂

I am also working on throwing a Blog Her party with a friend of mine. More details on that later. But since we both have SO many PR contacts, I think it’s going to be AMAZING. I already secured several BIG  BRANDS for the gift bags. Woot! Woot!

Ok – I’m off to eat that chicken now. Smells so good! 🙂

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