Do you or someone you know suffer from high blood pressure? Prevention.com has posted 12 Natural ways to help combat the issue.

1. Go for power walks: Exercise helps the heart use oxygen more efficiently
2. Breathe deeply: Slow breathing and meditative practices decrease stress hormones
3. Pick potassium-rich produce: Top sources of potassium-rich produce include sweet potatoes, tomatoes, orange juice, potatoes, bananas, kidney beans, peas, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and dried fruits such as prunes and raisins.
4. Read food labels for sodium: Watch for sodium in processed foods. Instead use other seasonings to boost flavor.
5. Indulge in dark chocolate: Dark varieties contain flavanols that make blood vessels more elastic
6. Take a supplement: Easy enough.
7. Drink alcohol—but not too much: The less you drink, the lower your blood pressure will drop
8. Go decaf: Caffeine can raise blood pressure by tightening blood vessels and by magnifying the effects of stress
9. Take up tea: Study participants who sipped 3 cups of a hibiscus tea daily lowered systolic blood pressure by 7 points in 6 weeks on average
10. Work (a little) less: Putting in more than 41 hours per week at the office raises your risk of hypertension by 15%
11. Relax with music: Studies have proven that calming music like classical, Celtic, or Indian music can reduce stress
12. Seek help for snoring: Treating sleep apnea may lower aldosterone levels and improve BP

For the full article and more details, be sure to visit Prevention.com.

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