Just check out that pizza! It’s one of my favorite pies EVER – Grimaldi’s. YUM!!! I met my cousins on Friday night for our monthly meet up sans kids. We gave our little ones to my in-laws so we didn’t have to worry about getting home at a decent hour. It’s a good thing we did because Bill and I didn’t walk in the door until 2AM!!


We tried a new one (for me) called Scene It. I… didn’t love it. In fact, I thought it was one of the worst games I’ve ever played. That’s mean to say I know – but the questions were either insanely easy or utterly impossible. No middle ground. The last question of the game – the deal breaker – the one that took home the prize was “Who was the killer in Nightmare on Elm Street?” Really? That’s a legitimate final round question? Are you freaking kidding me?  It was girls against boys and they just skipped around the board in a matter of minutes.

One crazy thing I learned that evening (and I really do believe the story) is about a back room that exists in a day spa in Flushing. For $35 you can go in the entire day and take advantage of the amenities. A few of my cousins go on occasion just to wind down and have a quiet weekend afternoon.

Wellllllll, one of them said that his friend went into a back room (this gets pretty explicit so stop reading if you don’t want to go there… cause I’m going there) where a woman gets lowered down on a hammock onto a man (both naked naturally) and two other women spin her around him while she in this hammock (they too are naked). It’s like the rumor of the “happy ending” with a while new twist – pun intended!

WHAT?!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! But I do believe it because the guy who did it is one of my cousin’s good work buddies and I don’t think he would lie. But isn’t that GROSS??? OMG!


When the night was over I drove one of my cousins home and she had to sit in my daughter’s car seat because we have no room in our back seat for an adult. LOL!!!

Always a good time.

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