Update: Took down the video. People had a point about putting up a detailed view of the inside of my home. I showed where every door / window etc was and now-a-days that can be dangerous.


Two nights ago, a friend came over for dinner and I started to tell her how much I wanted to rearrange my house to include a formal living room. I don’t mean a fart-y unlivable space where you aren’t allowed to sit or eat. I mean a nice adult-only room where there’s no television and conversations can actually be had without kicking toys under the couch. My current living room always looks like a bomb went off. ALWAYS. So whenever people stop by, it’s a mad dash to clear a pathway into the center of the room.

I wanted a place where I could entertain my friends without having to worry about tiding up. WELL, Amy (my next door neighbor) gave me the nudge I needed and actually helped me configure the floor so that I have an empty room just for that! I am DYING that’s how excited I am. We really just need to repaint the room that is now my formal dining room because the color on the wall doesn’t go with my old furniture.

The house originally had a formal living room and formal dining room – but we changed it a bit and I think that was a mistake.

On Wednesday, hubby and I are going to go furniture shopping with Liam while Natalie is in school. Then once everything arrives – the kids are going to sleep at their grandparents house and I’m throwing a little house party. 🙂


And in other news, if you have been keeping up with my personal blog you would know that for the last three years I’ve been looking for a place that served freshly squeezed orange juice for Breakfast. Well, WE FINALLY FOUND ONE!!! In town and I drank about 5 of them over the weekend. YUM!

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