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I Cut My Hair Off And Am Causing All Types Of Problems


You have no idea what I’ve been through during the past few hours. I had a hair appointment where I was going to just get a trim. I drive to the salon and get a call from the cops saying that my alarm went off at home and they found the door was wide open. I’ve had an alarm for 8 years and have NEVER had a problem with the door not shutting, so I immediately thought my house got broken into.

I leave the chair, rush home and find out that everything is ok. The door wasn’t ruined in anyway and my doggies were safe. They said it must have been the wind. Perhaps the lock wasn’t entirely secure.

So I rush back to the salon like a maniac and my adrenaline is pumping and I tell the girl to cut all my hair off. In a fit of excitement, I let go of about 6 inches of hair.

I look MUCH OLDER NOW. Like – all the young-ness (yes, that’s a word) that I was holding onto with my long locks have not disappeared. I look older than 32 and I suddenly feel like I have to sit up straighter. I can’t place my finger on it. Maybe I’m just not used to it.

Then I get on my email to confirm a few things and get my dates mixed up and cause a PR tornado. I’m canceling events, getting writers to cover others, double booking the rest. I don’t know what I am doing! Finally I figure out it’s not the 8th and have to backtrack every single email and apologize to these women.





I need a nap.

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  1. PHOTOS!! We don't want to see what's been taken off – we want to see what's LEFT! I bet it looks fabulous! 😉 You just might inspire me to hack mine off. SO glad all was okay at home! Freaky!

  2. I am seriously not going to post pictures for like 6 months! I have to get used to it first. hahahahaha

  3. You're being spontaneous today, so just jump right in and post the photo while you are being all crazy and stuff. LOL! C'Mon!

  4. Oh Vera, I bet the shorter hair highlights your gorgeous eyes even more. Post a picture. I swear everyone I know is having a crazy day today. I accidentally mis-dialed the phone today and punched in 911 and then quickly hung up. Sure enough, later on a cop was at my door checking to make sure everything was o.k. It was just one of those days, I guess…

  5. What is in the air today??! This has been one messed up day for me too! Funny – I have been thinking about getting A LOT of hair cut off. Vera, once you get used to it, let us know what you think. I'm sure you don't look old at all!

  6. Come on Vera, you are killing me!!! I am so curious now! You would look beautiful even if you cut your hair really short.

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