Over the weekend, when news of the earthquake in Chile hit the Internet, I almost lost it. My writer and friend Kyle lives there with her husband. She is currently taking a break from INO and traveling the world photographing whatever she finds of interest. But for the last few months, she’s been taking a small break and has been home.

So when I heard the news about the quake I emailed her immediately and my heart sank. Chile is a tiny sliver and the SIZE of that earthquake was massive.  Luckily, she (and everyone she knows and love) are all fine. She said her house now has a ton of cracks in the walls – but the structure is still sound.

If you want to read her blog post about it all, click here and here.

I’ve known her since 2007 and I’ve probably emailed Kyle more than anyone else over the last three years. She’s a good egg and a great listener. I am so THANKFUL to have met her as she really allowed me to spend time with my children throughout the years and turned out to be a great friend.

I got so many emails from readers asking if she was ok. At first I thought it was cool that a few remembered, but then they just kept coming! So I wanted to put a post up to let you all know Kyle is thankfully alright. 🙂 Thanks so much for asking.

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