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We Painted Over The Weekend


(actual color)

Ok… Bill painted. You can see the old color to the right of the picture. It was a rusty red and it really went well with the old furniture that we had in the room. However, when we moved the formal dining room furniture in there – it just didn’t match. So we ran to the paint store and tried to match the same blue that was in our larger room and redid the space with Aura paint. It’s a greener alternative to other brands and omits almost no smell. You know how HARSH paint can be and with the two kids around, we didn’t want to take the chance. It’s a bit pricier, but you don’t need to buy primer and it typically does the job with just one coat. So you have to weigh everything out.

2010-03-01_115638(Lapland – Laponia)

Then for our “new” formal living room, we did a greenish khaki. The color on the web really doesn’t match what it looks like on the wall. I’ll take a pic once everything is in place.

I went to a few more furniture stores to make sure that I wasn’t missing out on any great tables. Did you know that Pier 1 only does dining room and bedroom furniture? Isn’t that crazy? Why not living room too???

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  1. How on earth did he find time with all that you guys did over the weekend? I don't think you guys sleep. LOL Something tells me that my living room color was called the same thing “Lapland”.

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