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So Here’s The Haircut


Here it is. The cut. The chop that I am truthfully regretting. Please be kind.

I feel like I have lost my youthfulness and I am just going to grow it out and deal with it for the time being. It was a crazy decision – and I guess the lesson is to NOT get your haircut after you thought you house was broken into. 🙂

Today I went to the Martha Stewart show with my friend Barbara and got invited backstage to interview Liz Lange and her sister. Pretty cool! Will absolutely do a write up of that later on this week. We were in a room where Martha keeps all her Emmys and BOY does she have a lot.

Tomorrow I am heading back into the city for a Starbucks event – they are unveiling a new ice cream flavor (YUM) and then have an interview to potentially get on this cyber-game show (something like Us Weekly meets Jeopardy). I spoke on the phone with the group and they seemed like they were interested in using me as part of the crew (not a contestant). I’m tired – will elaborate more tomorrow.

After the Martha Stewart show I had a pajama play date and ate three slices of pizza. Regretting that decision big time. Showered, looked at my inbox (215 new emails), closed my inbox and threw together this post. Sorry I’m being so short but I am pooped.

Until tomorrow.

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  1. Vera you look gorgeous! Personally, I think it frames your face really well, fair enough if you want to grow it out but it has a natural elegance to it that I realy love! Tempted to do the same…

  2. what are you talking about Vera??

    You look great!!! Honestly, you look very polished and sophisticated! (not that you didn't before, lol)

    I like you both ways, but I think this is a great change! 🙂

  3. Vera you look great:) You may prefer it longer but I think it definitely is a cute change and something fun and healthy! I wish I had the guts to chop off more than the few inches every time. At least you did it – you can always go back and say you chopped it off once and dont want to do it again. Only hair – will grow out! Embrace the shortness and try some fun do's!

  4. It looks amazing! I'm usually a huge fan of long hair but it's so sweet and fun and I think it even looks better than the longer hair you had. Props to your hairdresser!

  5. It looks good! I think I remember last year or something, you were thinking of cutting it short, and then didn't do it. I'm glad you did – It always will grow back! You'll have to tell us more about that game show when you know more, sounds interesting! Enjoy the Starbucks event!

  6. Love it!! I don't think you've lost your youthfulness at all. It's short and sassy and it looks great! 😀

    Can't wait to hear more about the game show thing – sounds really interesting and exciting.

  7. I have to say I much prefer the shorter style on you with your face shape!! Very very nice.

  8. totally agree with the comments. I too have a long face and shorter hair makes the face not seem so long. I think it looks fabulous on you Vera. If you're missing your old hair, maybe go back to the same color, but definitely stick to your new shorter length!! and NOOOOOOOO, you do not look older. It's a refreshing look, we kinda got used to seeing you with the same length. Either way, it will grow out.

  9. I liked your hair the other way, but I like this cut even better. You look lovely either way!

  10. It looks great! I had long hair too and then went with a bob a year ago. Now it is starting to grow back, but it changes your face completely. You look amazing!

  11. It's CUTE! Try curling it a bit for a change if you want, but it looks great. And worst comes to worst, if you're still upset in two weeks (after it grows out a bit!), you'll have given yourself a nice, healthy cut and will have the length back by summer.

  12. WOW – you guys are so awesome!!! I can't believe how many people like the look. I'm really excited to hear this. Thanks SO MUCH for posting.

  13. You look adorable, Vera! I love the cut on you!

    I know what you're saying. I cut my hair into a long bob (Cameron Diaz's cut in The Holiday) after my wedding (like 2 days later) and loved it, but I missed having the long hair. I kept up with it for a bit, and then started growing it out again.

    Remember it is just hair — it grows back!

  14. i really like it too – one quick question – do you use a straightener? your hair always looks so shiny and straight!

  15. i try not to – i blow it out mostly because i FRIED my hair. that was the main issue and why i wanted to cut it so short. So unless I am in a MEGA rush and have not a minute to spare I try to avoid my flat iron.

  16. and the days I don't straighten my hair – i have it wavy or in a pony tail – I don't take pics those days. LOL!

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