TopShop has been a store that I’ve secretly admired from afar. If you followed my old blog on I’m Not Obsessed, you know that I SWEAT that store. Big time. I am a little bit in love with Olivia Palermo and she frequents the brand.

Today was the day that my feet stepped inside the store… and BOY IS IT EXPENSIVE. I mean, shirts were $90 and they were as flimsy as can be. I was SHOCKED. I was hoping to find some deals or a sale section (did I just miss it?). Dreams were shattered. The meaning of life is still unknown. TopShop wasn’t at all what I made it out to be.


If only I was more free with my funds, I am sure I could have come up with a few cute outfits. But I can’t bring myself to spend almost $100 on a cotton shirt. Call me crazy.

I was in Soho because I attended a Starbucks event (that I’m not allowed to talk about until May). It was held at the same place as the David Lieberman event. As soon as Bill stopped the car in front of the building, my eyes darted down the block because I knew what was waiting for me.

Rounding out the day was an interview with this game show that I am going to take part in. I won’t be a contestant, I’m more of a filler girl in between segments. Basically I will ask a blind item and then give the answer. The show is online only at the moment, but the group said that there was heavy network interest. Not that I would remain with the show should it explode – but still – I think it will be a lot of fun.

I have bunko tonight. OH JOY! We are all bringing our wedding albums – so that should be a nice thing to get through. Can’t wait to see everyone in their big white dresses.

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