Yesterday afternoon my friend threw a birthday party for her three year old son, Ryan.We drove to the address, parked our car and then found this as the entrance. I thought we surely made a mistake. But alas, this was the place. I won’t say the name of it because while we had an amazing time some of the workers were SO NASTY to the children.

You see the place was split in half for the event. One side was dedicated to the party and the other was where people were practicing doing acrobatics ala Cirque du Soleil. It was really quite amazing – but they were NOT happy that they were sharing space with the kids. So screw them – they get no free press.




The man with the bright orange hair was such a PLEASURE! He was amazing with the children and really kept everything running smoothly. The kids got to run around, stretch, spin in a hula hoop and make their way across an obstacle course. I loved it!


Pizza and cupcakes and then back to the room for some more gym fun.


Now here’s the fun part (well, the fun part for me)! They let the adults hold onto this metal thing that lifted up. Whoever held on the longest won. I dropped much earlier than I should of because they kept lifting it higher and higher and I started to get really scared about falling at such a height. So I started to scream, “I’m scared. Wait. I’m scared” and they were like… just let go. LOL! I’m such a wuss! So I let go before the men and they held on for a good minute longer. They were SO HIGH it was crazy – so fun!!!


The kids got to do it too – and they went pretty high as well. I was like choking on nerves for Natalie. But she let go pretty early. Two boys ended up going almost as high as the adults. I was DYING.


Before we headed home, we drove to the Brooklyn Bridge and took a walk in a nearby park. My husband LOVES Brooklyn. It was actually our other option when house hunting. If you know anything about Long Island and Brooklyn, you know the two places are COMPLETE opposite. I do sometimes regret making the Long Island decision since I am such a city girl, but it was the right decision for my kids… and our bank account. Things can get really pricey down there and we just couldn’t afford to live how we would like to. But three years later – we made great friends out here, so I couldn’t be happier.

And besides – it’s all just a quick drive away.

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