Yesterday morning I woke up… not feeling my best. I had 7 or 8 events scheduled in the city and couldn’t bring myself to canceling them all. So I took some medicine and off I went. I already wrote about the Nutella breakfast, but that was just the beginning.

The good news is I met a lot of cool people and connected with several new PR agencies. The bad news is I was so foggy and cross-eyed that I’m not sure I made the best impression.

Midway through the day I had to call my husband and tell him to come and get me. I just couldn’t continue. I ended up missing a few functions, but it could not be avoided. In between every event, I would whip out my Robitussin and take 2 teaspoons. It was actually pretty funny – but that might have been because I was so delusional.

When I walked in the door, I plopped everything on the floor, took way too much medicine and passed out. Bill wrote to my writers on INO and told me to cover me today. I woke up around 9 and have been trying to get through emails ever since. I’m officially giving up. When you answer 50 another 1o come in. It never ends. So I have to stop trying.

Going to sleep the rest of the day away.

Missed meeting Jessica Simpson today. Gave it to my writer – so BUMMED. Also missing an interview with Jennie Garth tomorrow morning. I don’t think I will be 100% by then. Thankfully someone is covering it for me. Worst time to get sick ever! But I hear the head cold is making its way around – so it was probably unavoidable.

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