Bink'd Ear 2

Bink'd fingernails

Introducing bINK’d™ temporary tattoo earrings! bINK’d™ are the first-ever, kid-safe, FDA-approved, vegetable-based inks and adhesive temporary tattoos! Not just to be worn as earrings, girls and boys can place their favorite bINK’d™ design on toenails, fingernails, faces, even dolls – you name it! To apply, simply use water placed on a cotton ball that comes conveniently tucked inside each bINK’d™ case. Each bINK’d™ tattoo can be worn for up to 7 days before it wears off. Available in 6 fun designs: Strawberry, Panda, Monkey Face, Lightning Bolt, Ladybug and Skull. Each case has 12 designs per roll and costs $5.95. Purchase bINK’d™ online at

*Company sent sample for review.*

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