Last week I was invited to attend a 30th birthday party. Not for a friend or family member – but for the Post It brand! Can you believe they’ve been around for that long?

We headed to the Carnival floor of Bowlmor Lanes and had a chance to check out some of the great new products that the company created to optimize organization in a fun and colorful way.


My personal favorite was the Post-it Flag Highlighters. It’s a highlighter pen with Post-It’s attached. Now we can mark and flag all with one tool. How innovative!


I was also a fan of the Post-it Pockets. They stick securely, are re-positionable and tear resistant, which is something you need when you share a kitchen with children.


The new Poptimistic collection offers a burst of color and design throughout the line. From note pads with magnets to super sticky printed notes, you won’t find anything boring or average. The brand even introduced new personal journals, sticky calendars and note cube dispensers that are shaped like purses! You can’t beat that. LOL!


To round out the post I give you the new Post It laptop dispenser. You stick the Post-its on the front of your computer that way you never have to search through a messy desk when you  need to write a note. I’m all about making my life easier – and the new Post-it Poptimistic Collection did just that.

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