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DreamWorks Animation is reinvigorating the kids’ online space with Kung Fu Panda World. Inspired by the blockbuster franchise, Kung Fu Panda World is an all-new browser-based online destination for kids featuring favorite movie locations, all-new areas to explore and characters that kids know and love, including Po, Master Shifu and The Furious Five.

There are a variety of activities for your child to do: playing games, chatting with friends, trading goods, mastering Kung Fu Styles, getting a pet or exploring the great big world.

I am particularly fond of games that cater to a wide age range. My 4 year old daughter can play this game because if she wanted to just walk around and explore, the option is there. If your child is older and wants to get into the storyline, there are checks and awards awaiting him / her every time they accomplish a task.


I had the chance to check it out before the official launch and my daughter and I were fist fighting over computer time. Ok – maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but it really looked AMAZING. I was really big on ‘World of Warcraft’ a few years ago and this felt very much like the same thing – but for younger children.


(Alpha Mom)

Worried about your child playing in a virtual world? No need to! There are a variety of safety checks in place. Systems are monitoring the online chat rooms, trades are confirmed, parents need to approve sign on before the game can begin, an no personal information is ever shared – everything you need to ensure a safe trip into the cyberworld.

You have to wait a few more days before the site is officially online, but BOY will it be worth it. Click here to sign up for the official announcement.

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