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My Cabbie Gave Me Some Sound Advice


While riding into Manhattan for a recent event, I got very comfortable with the driver. We hit some traffic and while passing the time we learned we grew up fairly close to one another. We had similar stories and literally chatted the entire way in and out of the city. I think I spent about 2.5 hours with him all in and I walked away with something I will never forget.

He said he tries to do one good deed a day. That’s his goal. It doesn’t have to be life changing – it could just be picking up litter or holding a door open. Just one good deed.

What a wonderful thought!! What if everyone did one good deed a day?

Phil also said it never ends up just being one. One turns into 10. What an impact we could all have.

I’m sold.

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  1. That is so cool – definitely something to think about and try – Im sold too:) great advice

  2. I KNOW! It was so awesome to hear – and yet so simple. One good deed a day. I've been doing it too!

  3. every bit counts – I think this could seriously have a great effect if we all did it you know?

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