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My Husband Is At The Park With MY Friends And I’m Home Working


(Liam with his friend Layla)

That stinks!

But at least my kids are having a good time this morning. The weather has finally turned around. I just wish I was able to enjoy it with them.  But so is life, right?

Here’s a picture my friend just sent me from a few minutes ago. Liam looks like he is having a blast! I had that family over my house last night for an impromptu BBQ. When I went to pick up Natalie from school, I immediately felt the need to make hotdogs and hamburgers. So, that’s what we did – and it was SO GOOD. I LOVE BBQ season!

Tomorrow is Saturday – I’ll make it a point to take them to the park in the AM. Maybe I’ll just open a window or two… yeah, that’s almost the same thing. LOL!

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