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Having Fun With The Kids On A Rainy Day


Man! Rainy days are loonnngggg. Bill and I couldn’t come up with enough things for the kids to do yesterday. Finally, the television went on and everyone sort of just vegged out for a while. Thankfully, Natalie decided it was time to play dress up – which turned into a play. She (naturally) was the princess. Liam was the dragon and I ended up being the witch. LOL! What does that say about my role in the house?! The cross a mom has to carry.


It actually gave me a chance to test out my new camera. I even went to the local experts in town earlier in the day and asked them if I should upgrade to the newer (more expensive) Canon model. They gave me the rundown and said I was good with what I had. I LOVE professionals who are honest and don’t try to up-sell. I always go to them if I need photography help.

I even took their card to sign up for personal lessons – It’s $65 an hour but I think well worth it. I really want to get off of “automatic” you know!

I snagged a used flash and a bag to carry everything in and headed back home. The kids did pretty good for being inside all day. The house, on the other hand, did not. Toys everywhere… I can’t stand it. But so is the life of a parent of young children.

Do you have a toy system? Bins? Baskets? What?!

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