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Who Doesn’t Love A Big Juicy Strawberry?


I simply cannot get over how HUGE the strawberries were from our last market trip. They’re almost the size of Natalie’s palm!! We went through the whole container for dessert. Can you blame us? 🙂

I went into the city yesterday to meet with a friend and get her advice about a new business that I am starting up (it’s almost ready to roll – details soon). We made reservations at Blue Water Grill and spent about 3 hours chatting, laughing, and inspiring. Well, she was inspiring me… I made her laugh a few times so I guess that makes us even. Very. Smart. Lady.

After our meal, we headed over to Fresh and I picked up a new facial wash. Will let you know how it works out for me. I’m just about done with the product I’ve been using and thought to give something new a shot.

Today, I am running to the park and then dropping the kids off for a sleep over at their grandparents’ house.  My cousins are coming over for game night. It’s my turn to host. Can’t wait to use my new adult-only living room! LOL!

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  1. Are the strawberries organic? If not, their freakish size could be a bad sign. 🙁 (GMO perhaps). Organic fruits and veggies are much smaller than non organic.

    Someone shared this with me on Twitter last night. It's a good reference tool:
    Stickers on conventionally grown produce have a 4-digit code; organic has 5-digits beginning w 9. GMO starts w 8.

  2. another business? how on earth do you find the time?? It's time for hubby to step up to the plate (lol). You need to slow down.

  3. Those strawberries are making my mouth water! Oh by the way.. Completely unrelated but hows the Droid coming along? I've been debating getting either the Droid or a blackberry!

  4. I love it! There is a slight connectivity problem with my home wireless. I looked online and it seems Linksys don't play nice with Droid. So if I ever want to upload a video from my phone I have to do it outside my home. But besides that – everything is peachy!! 🙂

  5. He helps out with INO and takes care of the kids. Trust me – he is doing more than his fair share. With the new business I have a partner, so that helps a LOT

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