I spent the entire day in the city yesterday attending several events and meeting up with my new business partner to discuss our ‘TO DO’ list. While walking through an editor’s preview for Breast Cancer Awareness products (I have SO MANY GREAT ONES to write about), someone complimented me on my outfit.

She literally praised me from top to bottom but focused on my jewelry the most. She kept going on and on about my ring that I got from Avon ($15). And instead of taking the compliment, I started to shoot myself down.

“This ring? It’s just $15. And these boots I’ve had for years. My shirt has a hole in it that I saw while driving in.” ETC ETC ETC

What is wrong with me? Mid sentence I heard how I was just declining her compliment. There has to be something to that. Why on EARTH wouldn’t I just say Thank You?

The good news is that I caught myself and it felt wrong. I’m sure I’ve done this my entire life – but yesterday was the first time that I actually HEARD myself in action.

What do you do when you get a compliment? Do you deflect or accept?

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