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I Was Rushed To The Emergency Room Last Night

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I still don’t feel my best, but boy what a scare.

On Thursday night I had Bunko with friends. The entire day I wasn’t really feeling right but didn’t want to cancel because you need a certain amount of people to play the game. I showed up feeling like I took several sleeping pills. I was exhausted – almost as if my body was giving up on me.

Once the game was over I crawled into bed but couldn’t really sleep. I suddenly felt like I had to flu. Skin sensitive to the touch. Back aching. Chills. Fever. Restless legs. It was terrible. But there was no cold associated with. I wasn’t sneezing or coughing etc. So I didn’t’ know what was going on.

The next morning I woke up with 102. 5 fever. My normal temperature is 97.4 not 98.6. So that was really 103.5. For an adult, I feel like that’s uncommon. Naturally I couldn’t function. I tried to sleep as much as I could but then I started to have these stomach pains that were debilitating. For moms that have had c-sections — you know the feeling when you have gas right after surgery? That’s what I felt for 3 days straight every 10 minutes. My stomach and intestines are still soar.

Another day passed and no change. Severely high fever accompanied by these terrible stomach pains. It was like contractions – that’s the only thing I’ve ever felt that could level up with the pain.

Finally at around 8PM on Saturday I couldn’t take it anymore. I told Bill I had to go to the hospital. My heart was racing – 20 beats counted during 10 seconds – even though I wasn’t moving. The fever wasn’t lessening and the pain just got unbearable.

We called our doctor and he agreed. Thought maybe it was appendicitis.

After several hours in the ER, the doctors said it could just be a nasty stomach virus but couldn’t give me more details. My blood work came back ok and the doctors were able to press down on my stomach. They said if it really was my appendix, they wouldn’t be able to do that. So they felt I didn’t need a CAT scan.

We ended up getting discharged after 130 or so. I came home fully hydrated (they gave me 2 bags filled with some medicine) and that made me feel better. Because I was sleeping so much – I must have gotten dehydrated.

Today the stomach pains are a bit better. They gave me medicine to manage the cramping. My fever has lowered to 100 which is out of the danger zone ( I think) but I am still very weak. It’s just really scary because I can’t pin point where I picked up this bug. The ER nurses kept asking me if I traveled out of country lately. But my last trip out of the country was when I went to Costa Rica over a year ago.

I knew there was an issue last night because I got to a point where I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. This was the first time I ever went to the ER and I was a MESS in the waiting room. I looked like DEATH. When I sat down people got up and moved themselves away from me.

I canceled every function I had in the city next week except for one. I’m REALLY going to take it easy this week because I need this virus to get taken care of. Rest, fluids and the medication the doctor gave me is all I need right now.

Natalie and Liam were crying. They kept saying ‘What’s wrong with Mommy?” because I was bent over with pain and I could barely focus from the fever.

What a weekend. Luckily, I can feel that I am on the road to recovery. The cramping is still happening but at a much less frequency and on a lower scale of pain. The fever is still going on but the ER doctor had faith that this would get resolved soon.

It’s moments like these when I realize how much I take health for granted. You never praise the days when you wake up and feel healthy and are able to do things with your children. Those days are not just a given. Health is a true gift. Lesson learned.

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  1. Wow! That must have been so scary for you! I remember seeing you on Twitter wondering if you were coming down with the flu! Take it easy and I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Vera! Healing prayers coming your way! How scary; and you seem so composed about it all. Hope you bounce back quickly. REST and recuperate!!!

  3. My God Vera, this is scary! So happy you’re a bit better, get well soon.
    Liam and Natalie – poor things, i can’t imagine how scared they were for you, you got me crying! Hope you get better soon, wish you all well and your family! Take it easy next week as you’re planning to do any way!!! plenty of rest

    1. I am so sorry! The same thing happened to me. I was so upset, angry, etc etc. I wondered what I did to deserve it. You are in my thoughts!

  4. OMG! I hope you’re feeling better. I believe sometimes we don’t stop and value what and who is around us, so we need a bit of a wake up call. I feel terrible for your kids, that must have been so scary for them. Get a lot of rest, gossip can wait 😉

  5. How scary to not know whats wrong so the doctors can make u better. Sad to miss seeing you but glad that your going to make resting and feeling better whats important this coming week. Feel better soon!

  6. How scary, Vera. 🙁 I hope you are up and about quickly. What a miserable way to spend your weekend. Ugh. Feel better fast.

  7. Hope you’re feeling stronger today! When I first started reading it sounded like when I caught Glandular Fever. I had the exact same symptoms, but then I read about the stomach aches which was different.

    I now have Post Viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after having Glandular Fever. My body couldn’t get over it. Some people get CFS after having a funny bug and rushing back into things. Please make sure you rest before getting all busy again Vera!

    I used to take my health for granted, but not anymore; I live with a chronic condition which makes life difficult, I live a different life now, but I am grateful I have a life!

    1. I sound like a broken record..but me too. I didn’t let myself recuperate from Epstein-Barr virus (mono) and it came back to haunt me. Twenty-some yrs later, I have CFS, fibromyalgia, Sjogren’s Syndrome…and a bunch of other things. One day I just couldn’t get out of bed any more. Almost a year later, I am STILL recuperating.

  8. Vera, the same exact thing happened to me last week. I thought I had appendicitis and could not believe it when the docs told me it was a stomach bug! I thought for sure they were wrong and I was going to die. I’m sorry you went through what you did, but I feel better knowing of another person with this virus (sorry – that’s selfish of me!!) Like you, I have NO IDEA where I could have gotten it, although I’ve been very stressed at work and not good care of myself. We are truly blessed that we don’t have serious, prolonged or terminal illnesses and I’m praying for those that do! P.s. you will feel 100%better soon – like almost overnight! Take care and have a speedy recovery.

  9. My boyfriend had the SAME THING a week ago – extremely high fever and stomach cramps/pain for 4 days! He finally went to the dr, as well. What IS this mysterious, long-lasting bug going around???

  10. Wow, Vera, that’s really, really scary. Can’t believe you had to go to the ER. NUTS. So glad that they didn’t find anything serious, hopefully you’ll be back to normal soon. Take this as a lesson to not work yourself to death!

  11. Hey Vera

    Completely missed all this.

    Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly. I wish you a speedy recovery with love & best wishes to you, Bill & the kids


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