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Either I Saw A Ghost Last Night Or The Cipro Has Me Hallucinating


Ok, the good news is I feel WONDERFUL! One tiny pill of Cipro and I’m like a new woman. I can’t get over how just ONE pill could make such an impact. 9 more to go and that’s OK by me. I love this darn drug.

Last night, I went to sleep and had a nightmare. Can’t tell you what it was about but it shook me. I was sleeping on my stomach and my face was facing my husband’s side of the bed (he was still watching TV). I was awake but couldn’t move which made me a little nervous. I thought maybe it was related to this nightmare I just had. I opened my eyes to prove there was nothing to be afraid of and I saw this outline of a head hovering a few inches over the bed. It wasn’t an evil being or anything – it was just a fuzzy outline of a head. I was looking at it trying to figure out if it was light reflection or something. Then all of a sudden this vibration sound started – a low humming. It got louder and louder and was coming from the “head”. I began to feel it in my body and then it like… exploded and filled the room. The head disappeared and I was able to move again.

WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!?????????????????????????

I’m chalking it down to a hallucination…. (mommy hold me)

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  1. Vera stop scaring us and yourself.
    I hope it’s just drug’s side effect, but from my own experience i do believe in ghosts.

  2. you really need to go to a psychiatrist – every day an illness and drama and now ghosts? i’m done reading this blog…

  3. I truly hope Lisa is kidding! YOU have one of the best blogs out there! So Lisa if you are teasing haha and if you aren’t GOOD RIDDENS! RUDENESS

  4. oddly enough – they did not. The best they could say was that I got a traveler’s bug. But my mother told me this morning that she thought perhaps I was in contact with e coli. I don’t know.

    No one does – which is so CRAZY. But thankfully it’s over! LOL

    And Dottie – don’t worry about the haters. I never respond to them. I feel sorry for them. I would never insult someone I didn’t know. So I can only imagine what kind of person would. It’s not worth the energy. Keep it positive – but thanks for having my back.

  5. Vera, so glad you’re better! I was actually cracking up while reading this (sick sense of humor). Surely it was a side effect of being sick and meds. btw, best blog around!!!! Luvs it!

  6. This blog has taken a turn…in the right direction! Ha! I’m really glad you are feeling better. Maybe after taking your second pill you will see Johnny Depp in your living room.

  7. Wow, that’s weird, but I’ve definitely had strange things happen immediately upon waking – especially if I’ve been unwell. Glad you’re feeling better.
    And, yes. Keep on ignoring any haters – anonymity on the internet brings out the worst in people unfortunately.

  8. I once read that once you’re in deep sleep, your body’s paralyzed. Then, when you wake up abruptly, it’s possible that you can’t move for a moment.
    By the way, I love this post, it’s almost like a creepy campfire story πŸ˜€
    Get well!

  9. Vera, check it out. I googled Cipro…here are the Central Nervous Side Affects that have been reported. Nightmares and hallucinations are listed:

    CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM: restlessness, dizziness, lightheadedness, insomnia, nightmares, hallucinations, manic reaction, irritability, tremor, ataxia, convulsive seizures, lethargy, drowsiness, weakness, malaise, anorexia, phobia, depersonalization, depression, paresthesia, abnormal gait, grand mal convulsion

  10. So glad to hear that you’re feeling better! πŸ™‚

    It could be a very normal thing called sleep paralysis. My brother has it from time-to-time. It’s like what KissKiss mentioned – in REM sleep your body is paralyzed, and sometimes your brain wakes up but your body sticks in paralysis mode for a minute. And some, although not all, people have scary hallucinations with it – made more scary because you can’t move. My brother explains it like you did – it’s like a dream but you’re kind of awake too. It’s usually totally normal, and it may never happen again! I read somewhere once that nearly everyone will experience it once or twice in a lifetime.

  11. Wow – thanks guys for the info. Thank goodness it didn’t happen yesterday. All is right with the world. πŸ™‚

  12. Wow…scary stuff! I’m totally feeling you when you say “mommy hold me!” I would’ve have FREAKED! What was Bill’s reaction?

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