Ok, the good news is I feel WONDERFUL! One tiny pill of Cipro and I’m like a new woman. I can’t get over how just ONE pill could make such an impact. 9 more to go and that’s OK by me. I love this darn drug.

Last night, I went to sleep and had a nightmare. Can’t tell you what it was about but it shook me. I was sleeping on my stomach and my face was facing my husband’s side of the bed (he was still watching TV). I was awake but couldn’t move which made me a little nervous. I thought maybe it was related to this nightmare I just had. I opened my eyes to prove there was nothing to be afraid of and I saw this outline of a head hovering a few inches over the bed. It wasn’t an evil being or anything – it was just a fuzzy outline of a head. I was looking at it trying to figure out if it was light reflection or something. Then all of a sudden this vibration sound started – a low humming. It got louder and louder and was coming from the “head”. I began to feel it in my body and then it like… exploded and filled the room. The head disappeared and I was able to move again.

WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!?????????????????????????

I’m chalking it down to a hallucination…. (mommy hold me)

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