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Bond with your baby in comfort and eco-chic style with the Organic Earth Carrier by Belle Baby Carrier! This ergonomically-correct carrier is a favorite among celeb parents like Jessica Alba and Julia Roberts, and it is no secret why! With soft, luxe 100% undyed Romanian hemp on the outside of the carrier and organic cotton fabric lining the inside, baby is nestled snugly against mom or dad while being worn. Unlike many carriers, where there are numerous straps or heavy fabric in between parent and baby, the Belle Baby Carrier allows for direct contact, which is helpful to breastfeeding mamas who wish to nurse while wearing baby, or for daddies who want to bond with their newborn.

Belle Organic Carrier - Sand alone

What makes the Belle Baby Carrier even more special is the added head support for infants. This lightweight, detachable panel allows for additional support for the tiniest of babies while they grow, and can be removed once the baby has gained more control of the neck and head. This is also useful for when baby has fallen asleep against mom or dad! In addition, the carrier features padded shoulder straps that cross-over the back for comfort and support, and the ergonomic design provides ideal weight distribution to help ease back pain and stress. The carrier can also be easily packed or tucked away, as the soft fabric design allows it to fold up quickly.

For more information on the benefits of babywearing, visit Belle Baby Carriers. To order an Organic Earth Carrier or one of Belle Baby Carrier’s numerous styles, visit their website.

*Company provided a sample for this review.*

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