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I FINALLY Combatted My Shoe Issue – Well, At Least I’m Organized Now


You see! This is what happens when a girl is sick for a week. She feels a little better and then suddenly STUFF has to be DONE. Over the weekend, I basically lost it while trying to find a matching pair of shoes. My closet looked like a BOMB dropped in it and I was so tired of having to throw everything out into my room in order to find something decent to wear.

I ran to the store to find shoe boxes and … boy did I find shoe boxes. I bought the whole aisle out. It was odd because they were individually being sold for just over $1 a box. No set packages. I just took them all to be safe.  30 boxes later – here we all are. Organized. Happy. Accomplished.

The only issue I have now are my boots – they don’t fit into the boxes. My boots are lined up alongside the left and right walls of my closet. It’s not as organized as the rest- but for now I am a happy camper.

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  1. check out the container store! they aren’t as cheap but have coordinating boxes in varying sizes… that said… i should do something about my closet too now =0)

  2. Okay, I LOVE that you have a cedar closet….great for keeping the moths away and the smell – I love the smell of wood, esp. conifers. I RESPECT wood 🙂
    I have way too many shoes. Love shoes. I recently bought some underbed organizers at Bed Bath and Beyond. Also got a purse organizer.

  3. My boots are an issue too. I am keeping them in their original boxes for now and stacking them on the closet floor. Ladies, all of you would go NUTS if you had my closets. Our house was built in 1937. Large closets did not exist.

    1. I have wardrobes, not this lovely walk in closet! I would love to have a wardobe that was set into the wall so I could just walk in….not a common thing over here in the UK.

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