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Mommy Needs A Time Out


I’m human. And… I do human things. While talking to my husband during lunch, I might have… cursed. And my son Liam might have been sitting right next to us. It doesn’t happen often, but I guess when I get heated about something – my guard drops.

Today was that day.

The problem was Liam actually heard what I said. Natalie will be 5 this summer and has never repeated a bad word to us. In my house you aren’t’ even allowed to say ‘shut up’ – FORGET about curses. And today, I didn’t follow that rule.

So I said what I said and then Liam said.

“Mommy. You can’t say {insert curse here}. You can’t say ‘Oh my God’ either. You can only say ‘Oh my Goodness'”.

And my mouth dropped. Not only was I shocked that he recognized that the curse was inappropriate, but he also knew enough to replace it with a more acceptable term. I mean – the kid is 2. We’ve NEVER had an issue with curses from either child. I just assumed he would think it was part of everyday vocabulary and not pick up on it. But he did – and he corrected me – and I immediately apologized.

So even though he never repeated a curse heard from one of us (they aren’t said often believe me) he somehow figured out that it was bad. This is the part I just can’t wrap my head around. I’ve never had to tell him, “Don’t say X – it’s a bad word”. NEVER. Yet he knew enough to tell me I was wrong.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to head towards a corner. 🙂

** But seriously, before I wrap this post. I want to reiterate that we don’t use inappropriate language in front of our children. Life happens and sometimes I slip up. I hope I made that clear. **

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  1. I use EVERY kind of word in front of my children. I teach them that words are only a SOUND you make with your mouth, and that SOME PEOPLE think certain words are “bad” because they are AFRAID OF SEX. But I ALSO tell them that it’s RUDE to force someone to listen to things that make them uncomfortable (like sex)… even if they’re just being stupid.

    My daughters will grow up free of censorship. Instead, they will have an awareness of relativity and context. They know that thanks to those fearful people out there in the world, if they these words in public, they will get a very different reaction than when they say them at home.

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