I’m human. And… I do human things. While talking to my husband during lunch, I might have… cursed. And my son Liam might have been sitting right next to us. It doesn’t happen often, but I guess when I get heated about something – my guard drops.

Today was that day.

The problem was Liam actually heard what I said. Natalie will be 5 this summer and has never repeated a bad word to us. In my house you aren’t’ even allowed to say ‘shut up’ – FORGET about curses. And today, I didn’t follow that rule.

So I said what I said and then Liam said.

“Mommy. You can’t say {insert curse here}. You can’t say ‘Oh my God’ either. You can only say ‘Oh my Goodness'”.

And my mouth dropped. Not only was I shocked that he recognized that the curse was inappropriate, but he also knew enough to replace it with a more acceptable term. I mean – the kid is 2. We’ve NEVER had an issue with curses from either child. I just assumed he would think it was part of everyday vocabulary and not pick up on it. But he did – and he corrected me – and I immediately apologized.

So even though he never repeated a curse heard from one of us (they aren’t said often believe me) he somehow figured out that it was bad. This is the part I just can’t wrap my head around. I’ve never had to tell him, “Don’t say X – it’s a bad word”. NEVER. Yet he knew enough to tell me I was wrong.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to head towards a corner. 🙂

** But seriously, before I wrap this post. I want to reiterate that we don’t use inappropriate language in front of our children. Life happens and sometimes I slip up. I hope I made that clear. **

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