I am a HUGE eco-bag user. My trunk is FILLED with dozens and dozens of them. Whenever a friend needs a few I hop on over and let them have their pick. What a simple and easy way to help the environment.

Each time I go food shopping (and I don’t bring home any plastic) I feel like I did something good that day. It never gets old and I’ve been using eco-bags for a few years now.

BUT – when I actually went food shopping… all those bags in my cart used to be such a hassle. I would lose about half the space that was available to me because I had to stash all the bags somewhere. That is – until now!

Thankfully, Hookeez has come to the rescue.  Launched by a Santa Barbara mother of two, Janae Panzer, the Hookeez concept is simple. It’s a small, compact hook that allows women to organize their reusable bags by attaching them to the shopping cart.

Done. Done. and Done.

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