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Good Guac, A Pregnant Best Friend And NYC Art That Scared The Living Daylights Out Of Me

Earlier today I headed into the city for an early lunch with my pregnant best friend. She works right next to an interview I was heading to and I couldn’t resist making plans. It’s her first baby and I am just SUPER excited for her. I will talk about the interview a little later on – when details are more finalized – but good things are happening.


Sylvia and I headed over to Dos Caminos to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a huge bowl of guacamole. Y-U-M. We caught up over a great meal and then I walked her back to her office. As we were walking, I saw something that scared the you-know-what out of me. A man standing on top of a building leaning over as if he was going to jump. I started to freak and my friend calmed me down. She showed me a few more “men” on rooftops from where we were standing. Turns out it’s a new outdoor art exhibit that’s going on all around NYC.



I did a little research online and it turns out that people are constantly calling the cops thinking these statues are real people. I mean, how could you NOT think they were real?

What do you think about the exhibit? I really got nervous before I found out it was all fake. And if I’m being honest, my college roommate committed suicide by jumping off a mountain, so I didn’t really find it amusing. It brought back feelings of loss.

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  1. I saw those a few weeks ago when I was in NYC. I meant to do some research when I came home and find out why they were there.

  2. I haven’t seen it in person, but you took great photos that make it look pretty cool, but I also think it’s creepy and unnecessary to scare New Yorkers like that. Overall, I would have to file it under the category of “what were they thinking?”

  3. antony gormley! british sculptor. this installation was shown in london a few years ago. it does make you take a second look at the cityscape!

  4. Kinda cool, kinda creepy. No wonder people are calling the police.
    I’m sorry about your college roommate.

  5. Those aren’t my pics. I tried to take one with my camera but it came out fuzzy. Those are from other websites. 🙂

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  7. Hey, Vera…this is totally not related to this post. But, I was wondering if you could make all your links actually go to your personal blog. The only way I know how to get here is to go to INO, then click the “Lady & The Blog” box on the right, then it takes me to “” and I have to click “Vera’s Personal Blog” at the top, then I have to click on the link that’s included in “I’ve decided to start blogging on INOmommy instead of a hidden personal blog on I’m Not Obsessed. Come and check out my new posts here.” Whew. lol. Thanks! Or, you could just tell me the easier way to get here. I love reading your personal blog, it’s so entertaining.

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